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100 Wooden block set
This favorite collection of 100 wooden blocks comes in four colours and nine shapes.  Your litt..
Animal chain
16 super-sturdy cards – they’re cardboard but the sturdy type of cardboard that moms KNOW is going t..
Animals mini - puzzle box
This wooden set of four, 4-piece wooden animal puzzles features raised pieces for easy grasping, and..
Articulo vehicles ( 6 x 2pc articulated puzzles)
Match up the pieces of the vehicles and see the pinned points move! Presented in a strong, decora..
Baa baa black sheep (interlocking & knob puzzle)
Beautiful WOODEN knob puzzle with a difference - the puzzle has a 4 piece interlocking puzzle in the..
Back and front
Contents 20 x 2pc self-correcting puzzles Each 2pc puzzle has the back of the animal as the..