Bounce - Animals

Bounce - Animals
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Bounce is aimed at children aged seven and above however, by modifying the gameplay slightly even younger children can  really enjoy the game. There are two ways to play BrainBox Bounce – the first being a memory game where each player has a card which they look at and try to memorise. Each card contains a really nice image of a certain animal in its natural habitat to study and learn from.

The cards are then passed to the next player along and each player is asked a question from the reverse of their card, testing their memory. The questions are really varied with things like how many of a certain animal are in the picture, were the animals eyes open and what colour were they.

The play moves quickly around the players and it’s a really fun and varied game to play. Gameplay can take anything from a few minutes to a lot longer – if you have a lot of rounds – and so it’s the perfect game to play no matter how much time you have available.

The second way of playing is to sort each of the cards into pairs – as there are two of each animal – and you can then play spot the difference. Each pair has eight differences and the children enjoyed spotting the differences together – although not the conventional way of playing the game.