Animal chain

Animal chain
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16 super-sturdy cards – they’re cardboard but the sturdy type of cardboard that moms KNOW is going to take some serious wear and tear from little fingers over a couple of years.

16 different animals – all the favourites take part in this product.  Can you find the lion, cow, zebra, sheep, dog, goat, elephant, cat and SO many more?

Each piece depicts the back of one animal and the head of a different animal (see the photograph shown on the right).   Can children find the next card that will complete the animal?   And the next?   And the next . . .   keep working on this very long animal chain.   A total of 192cm of friendly animals!

What sound does this one make? 

Which one is the biggest? 

Can you find a white one? 

Can you spot one that loves to climb trees? 

Which one starts with the letter ‘g’?