Three little pigs - 24pc puzzle in silhouette box

Three little pigs - 24pc puzzle in silhouette box
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Fairytales are not only fun to listen to and read…but now they’re fun to build too!

This silhouette puzzle box with the 3 little pigs fairytale has been made with inquisitive and bright kids in mind. The large, brightly coloured pieces are easy to assemble so it’s very kid-friendly, and once the puzzle is complete, children will have their own fairytale picture. The completed puzzle is a dynamic and colourful and  depicts three scenes, so it’s perfect inspiration for kids to tell the story by looking at the puzzle they’ve built.

This puzzle shows the pigs building their house of straw, sticks and bricks, before the wolf comes to blow their houses down – luckily they can hide in the brick house in the final scene to catch the wolf through the chimney!
Blow away your child's boredom and keep them entertained with this fun puzzle.

Dimensions when assembled : 62 x 20cm.