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This is a game of battle similar to "War" played with standard playing card deck.
Rules: Deal out the cards.  Each player forms a pack with his cards, which he places in front of him face down.

At the same time the players turn over the first card of their pack. The one who placed the card with the biggest dog wins. Sometimes players will turn down two cards with dogs of the same size.  In this case, they must say "Bata-waf." They each put another card on top of their card, hidden face down this time. Then another card face up. The one who placed the last card with the biggest dog wins all the cards.

Children who do not know how to count can easily work out who wins by comparing the size of the dogs.
Client review  :   Bata-Waf is another example of awesome DJECO illustration.  Each card is unique and entertaining, bringing smiles and giggles to little faces. Olivia (age 6) enjoys the game, even though she is old enough to play War with regular playing cards. We've played once a day for a few days in a row now.  Each game lasting about 20 minutes. We have yet to actually play a game to completion, but she doesn't mind.  We just save our cards in piles and pick up in the same spot next time. This game would also be great for younger children who are just learning numbers and reinforcing the concept of numbers as a unit of measurement.