Big five cards

Big five cards
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Play 2 Learn has a variety of card games available – they’ll all be firm favourites whether you’re teaching the children to play or involving parents and grandparents too.

Cards are laminated, making them friendly for little hands.

Each pack of cards is boxed and comes with comprehensive instructions for playing, just in case you’ve forgotten.

Remember that there are MANY OTHER WAYS to play with these card games  :

  • Pair up the cards – you could start this from 2 years old.
  • Pick any card and make up a story – with names, sounds . . .  children love this and before very long they’ll be the ones repeating the story to you.
  • Memory games, but start with only one or two pairs for very young children.  Gradually add sets of cards as children learn.


BIG FIVE CARDS :  A regular pack of cards, but instead of Queens & Jacks, you have pictures of African animals : this one is perfect as a gift for overseas family and friends.