Frogs in the bog

Frogs in the bog
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Squelch, squelch ribbit.  Watch out, your frog buddies are stuck in the bog.  Move the sliders being careful not to lose your own team into the goo.  The last frog standing wins!


1 base playing board with 12 sliders

30pc ‘frog’ balls


The object of the game

Players place all the frogs into the bog and take it in turns to move the sliders, trying to sink their opponent’s frogs and save themselves, last frog standing wins.


Playing the game

Place the game in the centre of all players and set the sliders in random positions and you’re ready to play.  Starting with the youngest player take it in turns to place your frogs into the ‘bog’, you can put them anywhere you like until all the players frogs are in the bog.



Starting with the youngest player, now take it in turns to move the sliders.  There are a few rules to keep in mind when sliding the bog.  You can choose any slider to move except …..

You must not move the same slider as the last person that played.

Once you have touched a slider you must move it.  You can’t change your mind!

You must move a slider 1 space only.


Winning the game

When all the sliding is over the last player with their frog still in the bog is the winner.