Eduludo sticks

Eduludo sticks
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Explore the concept of length through play !


With Eduludo learning is a game!   A collection of educational games that teach many skills.  In this game the child has to find the right sticks tomatch the picture.  ‘Sticks’ contains 24 models with varying degree of difficulty, 41 wooden stick pieces and solution cards.

Ages  :  from age 5

Box size  :  21,5 x 21,5 x 3,5cm



Children choose a picture card, pick up a bundle of rods of different lengths and attempt to reproduce the outline of the drawing.

  • Level 1

Easy pictures

Real sized stick pictures

Children can use whichever rods they choose

  • Level 2

Moderate difficulty

Real sized stick pictures

Rods of given lengths are to be used

  • Level 3

Difficult pictures

The number of rods of each length are shown on the card

Solutions cards :  Only turn over at the last minute!