Latches barn

Latches barn
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Unhook the latches to open the barn doors and see who is inside, then close the doors and buckle up the barn again! This beautifully crafted sturdy wooden barn is brightly painted both inside and out. 

 It features six brass-hinged doors with working latches and locks and pictures of farm animals on the inside of each door. There's even a brass handle on top to take the fun wherever kids go! The set comes with four approximately 7,5cm tall flocked play figures - a cow, a pig, a goat and a horse that fit in the barn.   Great for fine motor development, as well as color and animal recognition encourages creative play.


Client reviews

Kimberley  :  Wow! Too much fun! Loving the latches to open while revealing the animal hiding inside. Great item for giving clues to follow (unlock and open the latch that has a hook. Inside is an animal that says "moo"). Nice fine motor as well.