Connect a cube - base board

Connect a cube - base board
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Price if so base board ONLY - cubes to be purchased separately (called Connect-a-cubes).

This product is perfect for children who like to build. Children can use 2cm linking blocks (called Connect-a-cubes) to create different objects and animals, or just build amazing structures on the block baseboard.

The white baseboard measures 20cm square – if you buy multiple boards you can connect them to each other to make a larger construction base.

Use Play 2 Learn’s ‘Connect-a-cubes’ for construction, a set of these has 100 cubes (10 of each colour).  Each cube 2cm and can connect on all sides.

Use the baseboard and cubes as a 100 board!   Roll a dice and add that number of cubes to the board. Use the blocks and board to show 1-10

Create your own mosaic designs by pressing the cubes into the baseboard. Can you make a car? A horse? Sort the cubes by colour.  Learn about size differentiation by making taller rods.  Use the board and cubes as a bar graph.