Scribble maze

Scribble maze
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Follow the maze without losing your marbles!

Four over-sized wooden jigsaw puzzle pieces fit together smoothly to build a big, double-sided game-board full of winding, looping trails.

Your goal? Roll the marbles inside the plastic cups along the trails to get them to their destinations WITHOUT falling into the holes along the way!

Start out simple with the yarn trail side and the small cup. See how fast you can roll it through the trail and then start working your way up large cup and toward the beach side of the puzzle.

With the larger cup, the marbles are more free to move around inside, making it more difficult to avoid the holes.

The next thing you know, you'll be rolling right along with the big cup like it's nothing at all. Now - Let your friends try and see who can be the quickest!

Brilliantly colourful with exciting designs and all kinds of fun ways to play, the Scribble Maze game gives hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills an ultra boost of thrilling strength.

Measures 57 x 35 x 2,5cm.