Story lines

Story lines
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Story Lines:
Arrange the cards to complete the story about cause and effect.

Learning goals
• Visual perception of details
• Logical thinking
• Chronological story telling

• 3 themed game boards, each with 4 lines of paired images
• 24 separate playing cards (8 sets coded per theme), printed on both sides

How to play
Take a game board and the 8 playing cards with the same symbol in the upper left corner. Each board has 4 columns of 2 images. Use 2 of the 8 playing cards for each scenerio to show the logical cause and effect.

When finished, the 8 playing cards can be flipped down on to the game board. When played successfully, the combined back side of the cards will reveal a large image. Once mastered, allow the child to tell the story of each scenerio in their own words.