Clever Loco

Clever Loco
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4 Locomotives

12 wagons

60 cargo tokens

12 cargo-sealing markers

Multi-task dice



Clever Loco helps children make their first steps into the art of logistics.  The game is a smart way to master basic addition and subtraction rules and improves your sense of capacity while assessing the number and size of the cargo loaded onto wagons.  But – these are not just normal goods.  Yummy fruit, charming toys and lovely animals all travel by this clever train.  Get in as a loco driver and learn through play together.


Sets of cargo

There are 4 sets of cargo in the game which players load onto the trains.  Each set consists of 15 tokens :

6 cages (2 with lions, 2 with monkeys and 2 with parrots)

9 crates (grapes, apples, oranges, bananas, cups, toy bears, shoes, bowling balls and beach balls).



There are 4 trains in the game, each consisting of a locomotive and 3 wagons marked with numbers.  These numbers set the limit of how many pieces of cargo can be loaded onto each wagon.


Note : When loading a train you can only place your cages and crates upright AND you cannot place any tokens on top of the parrot’s cage.


Any crates and cages can go into any wagon, but no piece can extend beyond the outline of the freight space (the black rectangle).  Also, the number of cargo tokens inside one wagon cannot exceed the wagon’s limit at any time during the game.



The goal of the game is to be the first player to load a complete set of cargo (6 cages and 9 crates) into your three wagons.


Alternative variants

There are a couple of options in this game to adjust the gameplay difficulty level to players capabilities (see instruction leaflet for more details).