Tangram in wooden box

Tangram in wooden box
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Wooden Tangram in a box tray.  Recommended for ages 4 - 99 - develop problem solving and reasoning skills. 14 x 14cm.  Simple tangram set for a 'start-up' because pieces are coloured (generally they tend to be seven pieces all in one colour) - this makes it easier to copy the designs included.

The Tangram is an ancient game which originated in China. A set of 7 basic geometric shapes is cut from a single square. The 7 shapes are positioned in such a way as to create different shapes or pictures. Make your own designs or copy one of the designs on the copy card. When all 7 pieces are used to make a square, the size of the square is 140mm x 140mm.   Suitable for ages 5+


Educational Value:

  • develop thinking and reasoning skills 
  • an opportunity to extend problem solving ability
  • develop and use strategies and planning skills.

Client review (Carol – business analyst) - this review was for our 'solid colour' tangram sets

The ordered games are 100%.  I have a game I bought 10 years ago for my kids and decided to bring it to work to see how these IT guys can do.  Wow, what a surprise.  They struggled so much with the first 20 or so!  I was afraid they were in the wrong business ;-)  Just shows you that one uses only one side of your brain and need to develop the other side.  But, are they now enjoying these challenges!!  It's a proper contest now when getting coffee.  You must drag them out of the kitchen.  4 people already asked for their own games so they can do it at home.  Good testimony that it's clearly for ages 6 to 100 :-)