Once upon a time - storytelling game

Once upon a time - storytelling game
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Children of all ages will enjoy the challenge of linking characters, places and objects to create their own stories in this absorbing game.  With the choice of 70 picture cards, to play in any order.  There are thousands of stories waiting to be told :  some exciting, some amusing and some ridiculous.  The possibilities are as great as the imaginations of the players.


Contents :

  • 70 picture cards
  • 1 writing pad
  • 1 pencil
  • 1 bag
  • Instructions



Encourage children to tell stories using the cards provided.  The stories can be in any language with which the child is comfortable.

Put all the cards in the bag.

To start with, take out 5 cards.

The child chooses any card and begins the story by saying : ‘Once upon a time . . . ‘ and continues based on the picture on the card.

Pick the next card and continue the story.