Mosaico Rigolo

Mosaico Rigolo
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Imported from France - a pegboard with a little extra 'ohh laa laa'.   Mosaico rigolo is a very special pegging product. A wooden pegboard, 203 pegs and geometric shapes.

Place one of the 8 cards over the wooden board and start pegging - it's easier for little ones because the card has pre-cut 'holes' for the placement of pegs.

This beautifully boxed product would make a perfect ‘first pegboard’ – have you ever considered that when younger children copy a pattern card it’s actually pretty complicated, eg they would need to :

  • Skip 3
  • Place 3 red pegs
  • Skip 4
  • Place 2 red pegs etc

All this counting is pretty difficult for younger children.   Mosaico Rigolo will eliminate this because children will now only need to place the pegs in the ‘pre-punched’ holes on the individual card.   8 different cards are provided.  Fun for children from 3+.