Crocodile balancing game

Crocodile balancing game
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This simple but lovely game can be played with on your own or with friends.  The brightly coloured pieces in three sizes are placed on the upturned crocodile one by one until they are all placed but the challenge is to do this without it falling over.  

Excellent for developing a child's dexterity, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, colour and shape recognition as well as problem-solving skills, this game is straightforward but really great fun to play with a friend.  

Engaging with the Crocodile Balancing Game helps kids build confidence in problem solving skills by identifying colours, matching dice, placing pieces, and turn taking.  The game also  helps teach frustration tolerance if blocks fall or not your turn, and children learn to slow body down to make sure the pieces are balancing.

Skill areas:

  • Cognition and problem solving
  • Communication and interaction
  • Creative thinking and imaginative play
  • Sensory motor development
  • Social engagement and interaction
  • Emotional development and regulation
  • Eco-friendly wood

Size:  22 x 3 x 21.8 cm
Ages 3+