Dress up doll (wooden)

Dress up doll (wooden)
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Do you remember playing dress-up dolls when you were younger?  Except that in my days the dolls were made of cardboard and the clothes had little tags that we hooked over the cardboard cut-out.

Each stylish lady has a wardrobe that will make you green with envy.   Various dolls, each one as special as her sister!   Accessories?  No problem – some of the dolls have a special crown or two to take every outfit up a notch?    A bit of bling?  Of course!  Use the sequins to bring a bit of shine to her ballgowns.    

Each doll arrives with a few outfits, accessories AND sequins – sigh!   The perfect ‘extra’ gift or stocking filler, why not stock up with a couple of these?