Casa Banana (Limited stock, to be discontinued)

Casa Banana (Limited stock, to be discontinued)
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In the jungle, the animals are on the loose! The Monkey King invites his animal friends from around the world. The more animals ascend to the tree house, the more wobbly it becomes. Strategy is vital! 

How do you get most of the animals on the tree house without collapsing it or the animals falling down?


  • 20 x animals
  • 63 banana chips
  • 5  tree house boards
  • 3 pillars
  • 2 dice
  • handy storage bag


Helps to develop the following skills:

  • Recognising and naming shapes
  • Recognising and naming colours
  • Recognising and naming animals
  • Balancing
  • Eye-hand-coordination
  • Combining colours
  • Counting
  • Spatial perception
  • Communication and speech development
  • Problem solving
  • Joint strategy formulation
  • Fine motor skills