Ambi-scissors (left-handed) - to be discontinued

Ambi-scissors (left-handed) - to be discontinued
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It's vital for left-handed children to use the correct scissors - don't be misled by talk that it's 'one scissors for all' !

Left handed scissors have the blades reversed so the top blade is always on the left.  This gives you a clear view of your cutting line and allows the scissors to cut properly when held in the left hand.

If you have always used right-handed scissors in your left hand, you will have got used to twisting the blades to push them together and make them cut. When you do the same thing with a true left-handed scissor, you are actually pushing the blades apart and the materials or whatever will twist between the blades rather than cutting. You just need to relax your hand, hold the scissors vertically and let the blades do their job without trying to manipulate them.