Beetle board

Beetle board
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There is no doubt how much children LOVE beetle boards – they are great for motivating children to be active and they provide great opportunities to get their friends involved.

This makes scooching around SO much fun and it builds core muscle strength, shoulder girdle and SO much more. Can you believe that using this scooter board will help with (wait for it) concentration and writing skills at school?

If your child struggled with tummy time as a baby or if they skipped crawling, they may have trouble riding the scooter in the prone position. This position forces your child to contract their neck muscles and creates movement of the eyes, which is good for posture, visual perception, tracking and focusing on the chalkboard. In addition, it can improve and help your child’s auditory and visual processes so they can listen to the teacher, retain information and focus.

Each board has 6 sets of robust multi-directional wheels. Develop balance and a sense of speed and directionality.