Avalanche fruit stand

Avalanche fruit stand
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Perfect for all the rainy days aheadI’m a Capetonian and am expecting LOADS of raindrops for our empty dams – that will mean lots of indoor time for family games?  This amazing game with its Jumbo Tweezers and array of fruit, is the game for your child to develop their pre-handwriting fine motor skills without even realising it. 

This game was all about collecting fruit and stopping a fruity ‘avalanche’.  There are two small Velcro dots on the back of the board that allow you to adjust the angle of the board for three levels of difficulty. Stack all the fruit in a single layer on the fruit stand.

Be the first person to remove one piece of each different kind of fruit with the large tweezers. An apple, orange, grapes, banana, and strawberry to make a set without causing an avalanche.