Balloon powered paddle boat

Balloon powered paddle boat
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Our Balloon Powered Wooden Boat runs on an unusual form of wind-power.  Just blow up the balloon; as air escapes it propels the wooden boat across the water, demonstrating the power of air propulsion.

This classic toy is perfect for playtime in the bath as well as a shallow pool or pond. 

Operating your Wooden Balloon-Powered Boat is easy! Just place the balloon on the funnel and inflate it by blowing through the tailpipe to inflate the balloon to about 12cm.  Cover the tailpipe with your finger until you place the boat in the water and... off it goes!

For maximum fun, please take note of these simple safety cautions:

This toy is for children 3 years and older with adult supervision.

Use only in shallow waters.

Keep uninflated balloons away from children and discard broken balloons immediately.