Wooden family (6 family members)

Wooden family (6 family members)
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This beautiful wooden doll family set is perfect for populating play sets or playing family in any imaginative setting!  The six poseable people have flexible limbs, so children can bend their bodies and change their positions as they enjoy limitless pretend-play possibilities.

  • Ask the child to count the dolls. Then ask the child to group the dolls and count the groups:  For instance, there are 4 grown-ups and 2 children.  Or 2 people are wearing purple; 4 people are wearing blue etc.
  • Imagine and talk about the roles each of the people might play in the family.  For instance :  This is the grandfather, he loves playing outside with the children!
  • Ask the child to put the people in order from tallest to shortest.
  • Suggest a scene-starting scenario, such as  :  It's late at night, but Lisa is having trouble falling asleep.  Encourage the child to use the other characters to suggest solutions and add to the story.