Mini Balance Scale

Mini Balance Scale
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Concentrate on keeping your breathing even, in – out, in – out . . .  ok here goes . . . .   MATHS !     Did you start shaking like a leaf when you read the four letter word?    If so, please don’t skip this page and go on to the product you consider ‘safe’ because how on earth could you help your child when you were ‘bad’ at maths in school?

I happened to be one of the children that really battled with maths when I was in school and in hindsight I know that if I’d been exposed to the products we now promote at Play 2 Learn (from preschool) my foundation for formal maths learning at school would have been FAR different and I would have enjoyed the journey.  I’m sorry that I didn’t have this beginning – make sure your children don’t miss out? 

If you’re a mom like myself, you’re more than capable of using the maths products we promote and you and your children will LOVE playing while you learn concepts that will enable them to love this subject for the rest of their lives.  Remember that concepts start preschool and are built step by step when children start formal learning at school . . . .  but it begins at home.

FUN ideas for our Number balance scale

  1. Firstly, unpack the scale and assemble (really easy) then you can just throw the box away because you’ll want this product to always be set up and ready for FUN !
  2. Leave the scale out with not only the weights that arrive with it, but small toys that your child already has close by and then just allow him to explore on his own – it’s fun to watch.
  3. Number balance scales know how to do MATHS . . .   trust me!  That means your child will be able to add, divide, multiply and subtract using the weights provided.    Hang a weight on 7 on the right and 3 on the left.  Which one is more?  Which one is less?

Hang 2 weights on 5 on the left and 1 weight on 10 on the right . . .

2          x          5          =          10

10         ÷           5          =          2                                  Isn’t it simple?   Isn’t it fun?


Hang 1 weight on 3 and another on 2 on the left, then hang 1 weight on 5 on the right . . .

2          +           3          =          5

5          -           3          =          2

OK, no more from me – there is SO much more you can do with this product, just experiment, read the instructions, hang a foamalite cup on each end and use to weigh . . . .  the list is ENDLESS !!!